Healthy Pancake Recipe

Posted by Artur Stypula on February 26, 2015  /   Posted in Health, Wellness

Quick and Easy Healthy Pancake Recipe

Pancake Healthy Mix

We’re always on the run, and sometimes we want a healthy breakfast but don’t necessarily want to eat tasteless bland food. This is a quick and easy Healthy Pancake Recipe that you can make in under 3 minutes of prep and can last for days….

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The Path to Healthy Foods

Posted by Artur Stypula on October 02, 2014  /   Posted in Health, Wellness

The Path to Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods article pic


Our society has been taken over by Fast Food, which has resulted in an epidemic of obesity that as our Fast Food Restaurants expand-we’ve exported to the world. Luckily recently there has been a movement back towards Healthy Foods, something…..

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Great Food substitutions for your Health!

Posted by Artur Stypula on July 14, 2014  /   Posted in Health

Sandwich and or salad pic 14

Great Food Substitutions for your Health!!

Summer’s here which means ball park franks, grilling out, road trips, and unfortunately for many of us, eating on the run and making on the fly food choices that can add up to trouble for our arteries, heart, and waistlines. Today we’ll look at great food options that you don’t need to get out of a bag or a box, or certainly the drive thru window. While we’re on the subject-if it comes out of a bag or box ready to go-its not good for you, even if you get it from those “Trading Joes”, “Whole Paychecks” & other “healthy” stores-remember if it can stay frozen at the factory, on a truck, and in your grocers freezers…its not real food, and certainly not great food, it was food at some point but now its laden with preservatives and chemicals.

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Great Bloomberg Article on Bee Deaths Prompt calls for Pesticide Bans will that affect your health ?

Posted by Artur Stypula on May 14, 2014  /   Posted in Health

Honey Picture

Spring is here and summer approaching, health and natural food is on our minds so its time to take a look at our food sources and see what are some of our health issues in our food supply, I found a great article on Bloomberg on Bee Deaths that beekeeper’s believe a class of pesticides have been the culprits in a mysterious die-off. Now its common sense that pesticides are one of the double edged swords in the debate about health and eating. On the one hand, pesticide free food is better for our health, on the other hand, our large population requires a plentiful reliable food supply.

“Two years ago, Steve McDaniel’s bees started dropping like flies.

“This has all the marks of a pesticide kill,” he said, describing the piles of dead bees that appeared outside his hive……


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