Blowing Bubbles with Unicorn Companies

Posted by Artur Stypula on April 18, 2016  /   Posted in Investments

We are in the age of Unicorns! And NO this is NOT a Game of Thrones reference.


Unicorns are among us, and closer then we think. All you need to do is pick up your Android or Iphone and their demise will affect all of us more then we can imagine….

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The Real Deal about Social Security Benefits

Posted by Artur Stypula on September 12, 2013  /   Posted in Insurance, Investments


We’ve heard so much lately about Social Security Benefits , this, and that. It’s going bankrupt, if you retire in 5 years you’ll have less then today, and if you are not retiring within 20 years, you’ll have next to nothing if anything from social security.

Let’s clear the air, lets put some common sense in the equation. We blog a lot about health and wellness on this site, but since finance is a huge part of our life we will dedicate time for some financial wellness and common sense as well.

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10 Things You Should Know About Health Care Reform

Posted by Oliver on June 17, 2013  /   Posted in Health, Insurance, Investments
Follow up to Is Healthcare becoming the Next DMV
10 Things You Should Know about Healthcare Reform
(In no specific order)
I’m glad that so many of you enjoyed my last post, we received some great feedback! Many of you have asked for a top 10 things you should know about health care reform! Below is my list and by no means is this in any order.
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Common Sense Identity theft & credit Tips DETER DETECT AND DEFEND!!

Posted by Artur Stypula on April 22, 2013  /   Posted in Insurance, Investments

We’ve all heard about it if not from friends, personal experience, or the news media; Identity Theft. A plague in our ever so technologically connected world.

What can you do to be vigilant? Do you have to pay someone to protect your identity or can you do it yourself? What do I do check my credit? And what should I do if something happens? Read more to find out the answers to these questions and more about your Identity and Credit!

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