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Its time to meet the people behind ARM

LIsette Blog Post

Starting with our youngest team member every month we will be featuring a member of the Ability Risk Management Insurance Agencies team members in their own words.

Hi! My name is Lisette Alvarez and I’m that person who you pretty much first see when you walk into our office in Kenosha. Before I start blogging random things, get to know the person who is actually typing it, which is me! I am the Customer Service Representative for Ability Risk Management. I am here to help you out by processing payments for your insurance so you won’t be stuck without coverage. Imagine having no insurance to cover you from the impossible. I’ll help you out with any questions you may have. Want to add/remove a vehicle/driver? I am your girl. You can say I’m the right hand man or in this case woman, of the agents.

You sometimes get phone calls from me and you most likely have a puzzled look on your face when I introduce myself and you have no idea who is calling because you don’t know who I am. You just know the bigger guys or girl (Leslie) in the company. Once you hear those familiar names you’re thinking, “Yes! I know them! No question about it.” Feel comfortable! Let me know what is going on. I’m here for all of you as well as everyone else in the office. I will always greet you with a warm smile and make you feel welcoming.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and my parents are from Mexico. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico to be exact. We visit every year in December because the county where they are from have so many festivities going on around Christmas time. I most definitely recommend visiting Guadalajara, especially in October when they have so many events going on all over this beautiful city.  There are many attraction sites which everyone will be well entertained.

I am married, but have not started a family, yet. I would love to soon and it would be amazing if I have twins! J My family and my husbands’ family are all hoping for a boy in the family because they are only girls on both sides! Poor guys, dealing with us girls for so many years but it is okay because they got lucky with us. But if we look at this way, they both gained or will gain a new son when we got married or will get married.

Now, enough about me, proximately I will be talking about everything and anything. So stay tuned as they would say. But one more thing, always remember, When you need a hand… you need the A.R.M.!

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