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Posted by Artur Stypula on April 08, 2016  /   Posted in Wellness

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Keep your dogs safe from themselves and us!

Dog is man’s best friend, this is very true. However sometimes his best friend – man, can put him in harm’s way.

Here’s a few things that you wouldn’t think of that could really hurt your dog…

  • The Hidden Killer Zylitol: Everyone knows Chocolate is deadly for dogs, but Xylitol-a sugar replacement- is roughly 100 times as toxic to dogs as milk chocolate, leading in many cases rapid liver failure if enough is consumed. Many vets around the county count Xylitol as one fo the most dangerous food poisons they have ever dealt with. Xylitol is found most commonly in sugarless chewing gum, but is also in: mints, specialty peanut butter, gummy vitamins, bulk baked goods,  and melatonin sleep aides. Keep in mind, one of the keys to dog safety is remembering that there are many ingredients in food intended for humans that is in fact deadly to our furry family.
  • Our Medicines: One of the easiest things for dogs to get to is our own personal prescription medications. If you suspect your dog has eaten some of your medication contact your veterinarian immediately. Antidepressants can cause vomiting and serotonin syndrome a dangerous condition that can result in seizures. Pain Meds can cause stomach and intestinal ulcers, and or kidney failure. The easiest way to avoid accidental consumption is just keep track of our meds. Keep them off the ground and in the medicine cabinet where they belong, away from the kids and the pets!
  • Zinc Poisoning: Something we never think about but is deadly is zinc poisoning. We don’t think anything of nuts and bolts, and board game pieces, but they are detrimental to dog safety. If a dog eats items like these with zinc, they can get depressed, have diarrhea, jaundice, and eventually need a blood transfusion. Dog safety depends on you not only to keep on eye on what your dog consumes, but what you leave lying around on the ground.

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