The Ticks are almost here….

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We had a very mild winter in the Midwest, and as a result of several other factors. This summer will have a bumper crop of…… TICKS…..



What to do to protect your family and your furry family from Ticks this summer…

Summer is almost here, so along with Barbeques, Baseball Games, and Camping out, one little pest is going to be around in full force this summer… the Tick

Why do you ask? A few reasons, 1 we’ve had a very mild winter, the deer population has been growing despite the re-introduction of Wolves, and a with a huge crop of acorns in 2015-which resulted in a huge population of white-footed mice, which spread the little parasite… so the deer tick will be back in force.

What can you do to prevent ticks?

  • Use Repellant containing at least 20% DEET on skin and clothing (remember ticks can fall out of a tall bush)
  • Avoid wooded areas, or tall grass with unprotected clothing (shorts, no repellant)
  • Mow and trim your grass, rake leaves
  • When outdoors, don’t be afraid to treat your gear with Repellant
  • Do a very good body check when you return, use a partner or a mirror
  • Shower or Bath after, and dry your clothes for at least 10 minutes (more if wet)

Preventing Ticks near your home or yard:

  • Make a substrate barrier around your yard between wooded areas, ( 3 feet for yard, 9 feet for living areas-pool, garden, patio, etc.) use pebbles, gravel, wood chips.
  • Move Birdfeeders AWAY from your home
  • Try to discourage Deer from coming close to living areas
  • Ticks like many parasites, hate some plants with strong scents, so you can deter ticks and other pests by planting the following:
    • Rosemary, Mint, Garlic, Fleabane Daisy, Mexican Marigolds, Pennyroyal, and Chrysanthemums.
  • If you can’t plant the plants, then you can always resort to spraying your yard with acaricides or tick pesticides as a last resort. Make sure to check with your municipality on any local rules, and a professional before applying
  • For more information :



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